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Senden Daha Guzel 7th Episode Photos and Summary


Senden Daha Guzel 7th episode photos and summary have been published. Senden Daha Guzel is one of the most watched TV series of this summer.

It plays the leading roles of Cemre Baysel and Burak Celik. The new episode of the series will air tonight.

Senden Daha Guzel 7th Episode Photos

Emir decides to stay in the clinic, but he has one condition: Efsun’s departure.

Although Efsun decides to fight in the clinic, Emir’s outburst deeply hurts her.

Emir thinks that Efsun and Ali are lovers.

Efsun’s attempt to arrange an operation for a patient who wants to have a face transplant will cause confusion in the clinic and break the ice between Emir and Efsun.

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