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Saying goodbye to ‘Ask Mantik Intikam’ by Burcu Ozberk!


Burcu Ozberk, who took part in the TV series ‘Ask Mantik Intikam’, which will be screened on Friday evenings on Fox TV and whose final episode will be broadcast tomorrow evening, shared a frame with her partner Ilhan Sen on her Twitter account: “Our first photo was a very good story. I will miss. Thank you for your support. Good job side by side…” She dropped the note.

Ilhan Sen under that post; “under the tent. light rain. Ozan climbs the stairs running after Esra.
like yesterday!
it was a damn good story.
nice side by side work.
finally!” downgrade.

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  2. […] Saying Goodbye To ‘Ask Mantik Intikam’ By Burcu Ozberk! […]

  3. Kat says

    I loved watching your show. Even though I had to watch it in Turkish and did no understand what was being said, but I can understand what was going on. I am watching it again hoping I can find it on one of those Turkish website like Turkish123 or Yoturkish.com in English subtitles, but they don’t seem to be working for me, but I’ll keep trying! I did watch the last few episodes in Arabic which was great! I someone can help me figure out how to get those websites working I would appreciate it. Anyways are you and IIhan going to be working on anything thing new together or separately? Anyway best of luck to the both of you in whatever or wherever life’s journey takes you!🌞🦋😊 😊

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