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Premiere of the Kasaba Doktoru Series took place


The new production of TRT 1, “Kasaba Doktoru”, started its journey to the screen last night with its first episode. TRT General Manager Mehmet Zahid Sobacı, TRT management, production team and serial actors attended the night, the first episode of which was watched at the Haliç Congress Center.

Hazal Subasi, one of the leading actors of the series, stated that she was happy to be in a beautiful project and said:

“I am very happy to be in a job that has a social responsibility, albeit a small one. The character of Leyla is an emergency medicine specialist. We witness his love for his job, his idealism like the others, and how he always cherishes his job, no matter how bad he goes through. A brave and strong girl who can take any responsibility to save a life. We are very happy and excited, we hope everyone watching will like it.”

In the series, Ozan Akbaba, who gave life to Doctor Hakan, said that it was exciting for him to portray a self-sacrificing character who cares too much about human life and said, “I hope we have the opportunity to say how difficult the lives of doctors, nurses and healthcare workers are, at least with this series.” .

Vildan Atasever, who said that he was very excited to experience the life of nurses who have been trained for years and have been the salve for many wounds and pain, said, “As long as our series continues, we will try to understand and then tell the stories of all healthcare professionals. I hope our road will be long and I hope that our audience will support us on this path,” she said.

Expressing that the character of Ömer, played by the TV series, started with a childhood trauma, actress Deniz Can Aktaş said, “It is a story in which different schools touch the lives of people in the hospital and struggle to heal. We are actually telling the story of a hospital in which everyone contributes,” he said.

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