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Özge Yağız, whose series are short in lasting , smiles in favor of love!


Famous actress Özge Yağız has been having bad luck with TV series in recent years. The actress, who attracted attention with the character of “Reyhan”, which she portrayed in Kanal 7’s daily series Yemin, caught the fame in a short time.

After leaving the TV series Yemin, in which he appeared for two seasons, the young actor took part in two different productions. The actress, who took the lead role in the TV series Sol Yanim, broadcast on Star TV, performed well in the 12-episode series, but it was a great misfortune that the series did not catch on, and Özge Yağız’s career was written…

The famous actress appeared in front of the camera with the talented actress Bora Akkaş in the new series of Show TV, içimizden biri, last September. Içimizden biri, who made an assertive entrance to the screens with his entertaining story, received low ratings, and only 6 episodes remained on the screen.

The last Instagram post of the beautiful actress, who has not yet come to the fore with a new project after içimizden biri is  finished, made her say, ‘Everything is fine in love life’.

Özge Yağız, who has been in love with Gökberk Demirci, with whom she starred in the TV series Yemin for a long time, shared a photo of her with her followers on her Instagram account.

Gökberk Demirci commented on Özge Yağız’s post, who shared the photo with a heart emoji, with a heart emoji and an infinity sign.

Özge Yağız and Gökberk Demirci couple played the two lovers with the characters of “Reyhan” and “Emir” in the TV series Yemin. The sharing of the actress couple, who decided to get married in their union, enchants their fans from time to time.

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