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Ozge Yagiz answered the questions of MAG Magazine


Popular actress Özge Yağız shared the answers to questions about herself and her acting career with MAG magazine readers.

Ozge Yagiz Mag magazine

How her acting adventure started: “I got my first job at the audition for the first time and went on the set the next day. It was a fast, exciting and passionate start. That’s how it continues. The hunger for learning is the biggest factor in improving yourself. Observing, listening, understanding…” The beautiful actress made statements about the character of Büşra, which she currently plays in the TV series “Baba”.

Ozge Yagiz stated that the character’s story touched her very much and said, “When I first read Büşra’s story, I was so upset that I had to go to the bottom to integrate with her. Because she was alone, timid, she had given up. The emotions that people go down to such a bottom while living are these, your psychology jumps to another dimension. I love Büşra with everything. My clever daughter, I hope she will always be in places where she will be appreciated.” she said.

When asked about the character she felt closest to among the characters she played, she said, “I can’t distinguish. If I didn’t feel close to each and every one of them individually, it would be very difficult for me to walk on the paths I took.”

Yagiz replied, “I used to think about this before, but now we are experiencing such rapid changes day by day in every field that the only thing that comes to my mind is to be excited and passionately committed to every job I am in and want to be in.” made a statement.

Attracting attention with her positive and smiling demeanor, Özge Yağız said, “I guess the source of her energy is belief. I believe a lot in every emotion I feel, every thought that occurs in my head. I believe the right things eventually find us. So I put my energy into making sure I’m doing my best, letting everything else flow.” expressed in his words. Yağız defined himself in three words as “Emotional, hardworking, natural”.

Ozge Yagiz Mag magazine
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