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Onur Buyuktopcu; ‘The best romantic comedy made in Turkey is ‘Kiralik Ask”


Onur Buyuktopcu; He answered the question the best romantic comedy ever made in Turkey. Onur Buyuktopcu was reflected in the lenses while leaving a venue. The famous actress, who does not neglect to chat with the members of the press, made statements about the Kiralik Ask series.

The famous name said, “Actually, I missed the screens a lot. I want to take part in TV series or movies, I will work hard in morning programs again. I’ve been waiting for an offer for 1 year, it hasn’t arrived yet. I will definitely be back on the screens. There are those who send messages on social media saying ‘Continue with Rental Love’, but it is not possible to continue. Everyone is in separate places, it is very difficult to bring them together now. “Kiralik Ask” is the best romantic comedy ever made in Turkey,” he said.

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