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Netflix New Turkish Series Kubra’s 2nd season is coming in June


Netflix announced the second season of Taylan Biraderler’s series Kubra, starring Cagatay Ulusoy. The 2nd season of the series, produced by Onur Güvenatam, adapted from Afşin Kum’s novel of the same name and arousing great curiosity among the audience in the first season with its extraordinary story, will be broadcast in June this year.

The new season cast of Kübra, which comes to the screen with its extraordinary and gripping fiction and a questioning perspective about choices and realities, includes Çağatay Ulusoy as well as Aslıhan Malbora, Ahsen Eroğlu, Nazan Kesal, Cihan Talay, Aytek Şayan, Meriç Rakalar, Deniz. Successful names such as Işın, Onur Ünsal, Mehmet Çağrı Çıtanak and Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan are included.

In the second season of the series; The real struggle of Gökhan, who sees the emergence of the truth about Kübra as another test for his faith, begins now. Every decision he makes with the power given to him by his unshakable belief that makes him ‘Celestial’ now has a price; In new predicaments, he will have to fight not only against those he considers enemies, but also with his loved ones and even himself. So, while Gökhan aims to embrace the power of his faith and find the right path on the path he chooses to walk as Semavi, will Kübra help him illuminate the darkness?

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