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Netflix New Turkish Movie: The Festival of Troubadours (Asiklar Bayrami)


Netflix shared the trailer of The Festival of Troubadours (Asiklar Bayrami), which tells the story of a father-son starring Kivanc Tatlitug and Settar Tanriögen.

Netflix released the trailer and first images of The Festival of Troubadours, starring Kivanç Tatlitug and Settar Tanriögen, about the journey of a father and son who meet again after 25 years, despite all the regrets of the past, from Kırşehir to Kars.

Lawyer Yusuf (Kivanç Tatlitug ) and his saz lover father Heves Ali (Settar Tanriögen) cross paths on their long and perhaps last journey after 25 years of separation. Adapted from Kemal Varol’s award-winning book Asiklar Bayrami, written and directed by Özcan Alper, the film is about father and son trying to solve their problems with their past and their future.

The Festival of Troubadours, produced by OGM Pictures, is a journey to the soul of a person woven with regrets, on this touching path to forgive and be forgiven, to hold on to life again. The slogan of the movie is; “Daddy is an unfinished word, fathers are always unfinished…”

The Festival of Troubadours is on Netflix on September 2!

The Festival of Troubadours (Asiklar Bayrami) Official Trailer

The Festival of Troubadours (Asiklar Bayrami) Poster

The Festival of Troubadours Poster

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  1. The Festival of Troubadours(2022)

    ready to be touched by the story of a father and son. As the slogan of the film says, Father is an unfinished word, fathers are always unfinished…” The Turks are

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