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Neslihan Atagul Dogulu was a guest on the Verissimo program in Italy!


Successful actress Neslihan Atagul Dogulu, who has a wide fan base in many countries of the world as well as in Turkey, received an invitation to appear on Italy’s Canale 5 channel after the TV series “Kara Sevda”, which broke records both in our country and in many countries around the world, started to be broadcast in Italy. SHe went to Milan to be a guest on the ‘Verissimo’ program.

Neslihan Atagül Doğulu, who was a guest in the program that hosted many world-famous names such as Shakira and Jennifer Lopez, answered questions about herself in the program, from her childhood to how she started acting, what kind of communication she had with her family, and many other topics. Sharing his happiness about the interest in the TV series ‘Kara Sevda’, which broke viewing records in Italy, the successful actor expressed his thoughts about her father’s death with the following sentences: “It is in my power to make him immortal, and if I am talking about him like this right now, it means I am making him immortal. The body is mortal, but the soul lives forever.” The actor, who was asked about his future plans, explained his thoughts by saying, “I want to be useful and hopeful, I don’t want to detail it because God always has a better plan, I trust him.”

The beautiful actress received great admiration for the outfit signed by Özgür Masur that she wore in the program and was showered with likes on social media.

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