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Let’s get to know the characters of Ya Cok Seversen


Kanal D’s new series “Ya Cok Seversen”, signed by Ay Yapım, will be screened with its first episode on Thursday, July 6th. The most talked about characters of the series, which attracts the attention of the audience with the introductions on the screen and is expected with great curiosity, are as follows;

Ateş Arcali (Kerem Bursin)

The second son of the Arcalı family. He never returned to the family home he left when he was a little boy. He rejected everything from his family. He lives by himself in different parts of the world. Totally against binding and all rules. Except for one thing, his mother is Jülide. The fashion school she opened on behalf of her mother, fashion icon and designer Jülide Arcalı, who died when she was a child, is her sensitive point. He is also a helpful man who knows how to live without needing anyone, is smart enough to be called a genius, is rich, flirtatious, loves to have fun, and does not tolerate lies.

Leyla Kökdal (Hafsanur Sancaktutan)

She never knew his real family. She wants to find them one day, she. That’s why she’s scamming a wedding with a group that looks like her family. She avoids lying in her private life, and is a master at convincing herself when it comes to work. She believes in finding one’s roots and being a family. Despite everything, she manages to hide her fragile structure under her noble and hard image by standing upright. She is just and prejudiced against the rich. She has no idea yet about falling in love.

Füsun Arcali (Hatice Aslan)

Aunt of the family, designer. Society itself. She does energy work. He devoted his life to the family business. She has a daughter, and she is far away. She always manipulated her nephew Umut according to her wishes. It’s been a good collaboration so far. The slightest slander on the family’s name and the company drives him crazy. Image is the most important thing to his.

Ilter Petli (Sherif Erol)

He has been working as a butler at Arcalı Farm since his youth. The family’s black box. Although everyone sees him as family, he is a level man who knows very well where to stand. What he cannot prevent is his witty attitude. He loves all children very much, but Ateş is different for him. He sees it as Jülide’s trust.

Umut Arcali (Aziz Caner Inan)

The eldest son of the Arcalı family. Hardworking, ambitious and charismatic. He’s lived his life trying to imitate his father to replace him. There is nothing he wouldn’t do for this cause, even if it was his brother who stood in his way. He can even put the company in a difficult position if necessary. His aunt Füsun is his biggest supporter.

Yakup Civelek (Nazmi Kırık)

Founder of the fraud team Leyla is involved in. He usually plays Leyla’s father when he’s on the job. Leyla is very important to him, but he may even sell her when his interests conflict. His mouth speaks, he manipulates people. When he is in a difficult situation, he becomes the victim. He never admits his mistakes. He complains that he is never appreciated. He is stingy.

Meryem Yunus (Mine Kılıç)

She is a member of the cheat team. She usually plays Leyla’s older sister. She approaches her with the same feeling in real life, she is his best friend. She is alert and intuitive. She betrays herself with slips of the tongue when she does something secret. She is always well-groomed. She likes gossip.

Onur Yilmaz (Ogulcan Arman Uslu)

Brother of the scam team. Fair, possessive and compassionate. Jacob trusts him a lot. Responsible for security, eyes and ears. Blind eyes in one love. He’s been in love with Leyla for years, but he can’t admit it for fear of being rejected. She gets sad inside every time she sees him in a wedding dress. Only Mary is aware of this.

Ya Cok Seversen will be on Kanal D with its highly anticipated first episode on Thursday, July 6th…

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