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Kerem Bursin met with Antonio Banderas once again!


Kerem Bursin met with Antonio Banderas again.. Kerem Bursin also watched the musical in which Antonio Banderas took the leading role during the “Malaga Film Festival”, which he went to in the past weeks, and then took a photo together and shared that frame with a laudatory comment on his Instagram account, and the square received great attention on social media.

It was also learned that the duo would meet again, and the handsome actor went to Spain yesterday and reunited with Antonio Banderas. Kerem Bursin, who attended the party organized by Banderas, posed with Antonio Banderas and his wife Nicole Banderas. As soon as the frame they took together was shared on social media, it again attracted great attention in a short time.

This meeting was again announced on Antonio Banderas’ twitter account. The frames where the two came together were shared by Antonio Banderas on his twitter account.

Antonio Banderas; “A pleasure to share with you ancient traditions of my hometown. Always very welcome dear Kerem!”

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