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Kerem Bursin, Hande Ercel and Can Yaman Took Place at the Top IMDb!


Turkish names on the list include Kerem Bursin, Hande Ercel and Can Yaman. Turkish TV series actors and actress managed to rank at the top among the names that exceeded 11 million in IMDb’s Starmetre.

Hande Ercel was ranked 3154th among more than 11 million people. She was the only Turkish actress on the list.

Kerem Bursin and Can Yaman were among the male actors. Can Yaman was the other player who followed Hande Ercel in the 4206th place.

Kerem Bursin followed Can Yaman in the list. Kerem Bursin, on the other hand, achieved great success by taking the 6357th place on the list. They managed to be among the first ten thousand people among millions of people.

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