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Kerem Bursin attended the ‘Art and Technology Summit’


The ‘Art and Technology Summit’, which took place on Saturday, May 14, as part of ART & TECH for GOOD SUMMIT 2022, hosted 45 speakers. Refik Anadol, Kerem Bursin, Haluk Levent, Alemşah Öztürk and many other speakers took part in the panel where David McWilliams made the opening speech.

Metaverse, NFT and Web 3.0, the meeting point of the sustainability, art, entrepreneurship and technology ecosystem today, was at the ART & TECH for GOOD SUMMIT 2022 ‘Art and Technology Summit’ with the original content of expert speakers from Turkey and the world.

Kerem Bursin said; “We need to carry the sustainability topic to every area of our lives. While changing our lifestyle as individuals, we also need to make demands on our environment to raise awareness. For example, we actors can cooperate with the producers to reduce the use of plastic used in sets. Or, we can request favors that will contribute to the environment in every cooperation we have with brands. On behalf of a sustainable world, I learn new things every day, and as I start to focus on this issue, I see that there are dozens of things we do not know.”

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