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Kalp Yarası 30th Episode Photos and Summary


Kalp Yarası 30th Episode Photos and Summary has been published. The series, which will make the final in the 32nd episode, will be on the screen with the last 3 episodes.

The series, starring Yağmur Tanrısevsin and Gökhan Alkan, is broadcast on Monday evenings.

With the arrival of Feraye and Pınar, things get derailed in Sancakzade Mansion. As Ferit and Yaman come face to face once again, Ayşe makes a great effort to calm the waters in the mansion.

While Yaman couldn’t get over the surprise of meeting his mother, this situation causes tension with Hande. Mirza’s offer brings Ayşe, Vedia and Betül together.

Ferit, who does not give up on his father’s murder, reaches the key evidence that will solve the murder. However, these evidences get Ayşe in trouble.

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