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Ismail Demirci joined the cast of Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam


The excited wait continues for the second season of Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam, one of the most watched TV series of ATV. The last transfer of the series, in which new names are added to the rich cast, was İsmail Demirci.

The series, starring Oktay Kaynarca and Ebru Ozkan Saban, is getting ready to make a quick start to the season. Successful actor Ismail Demirci joined the cast with the character of Onbeşli (Cengiz Onbeşli). It is a matter of curiosity whether the character of Fifteen will be friend or foe of the Algerian Turk.

Zülküf Yücel and Zehra Yücel wrote the script for the series, which was produced by KYN Production House and directed by Mustafa Şevki Doğan.

Ben Bu Cihana Sigmazam Soon On Atv Screens.

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