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Hazal Subasi; ‘There is a role that I wish I had not accepted’


Dayi Show hosted Hazal Subasi and master actor and director Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan this week.

“I am extremely satisfied with the reactions”

In Dayi Show, the conversation started from Hazal Subasi’s role in “Sicak Kafa”. Upon the appearance of her co-star, Osman Sonant, in the format named “Ünlülerin Küçük Yerleri”, Subasi said, “Osman is a great person, I’m glad I worked together.” Stating that he was overly pleased with the reactions to the series, he said, “We have been waiting for a very long time. I am very satisfied, it is a job that I love very much,” he added.

Haluk Bilginer said, “I am a figuration without words in this job”

Hazal Subasi commented on Dayi’s comment about the fact that Haluk Bilginer, who played with him in Hot Head, did not have any lines, and said, “Yes, Haluk Abi made fun of this a lot. My wordless figuration said I am in this business”.

“There is no such thing as a holy profession”

Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Dayi’s “Is acting a sacred profession?” To the question, “What a relationship, there is no such thing as a sacred profession. It may be the attitude of the one who does it well that makes it holy.”

He didn’t tell me which role it was

On the question of whether there was a role that Dayi regretted because she rejected it, Taylan said, “There is something that I neither regret nor regret. There is not even a single role. The friend who made it must have done well. We have enjoyed watching. Everyone does it when it’s their turn,” he commented. While Hazal Subasi replied to the same question, “I wish I had accepted it, there is a role I wish I had not accepted”, Ahmet Mümtaz did not say which role it was after Taylan’s warning.

“I thought I should work harder”

Hazal Subasi, who was selected third in Miss Turkey, “Is it compulsory to be an actress after beauty contests?” When asked, “It is not compulsory. They usually know people who came out of beauty pageants and became actors. That’s why they think that everyone becomes an actor. Everyone charts their own path. Good opportunities came my way, let’s say I made good use of it,” he said. He added, “I thought I should work harder. Apart from being found beautiful, the fact that you have that title creates a prejudice in everyone. This is a fact,” he continued.

“I didn’t know that Hazal came from the beauty pageant”

Meanwhile, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, who was included in the conversation, said, “I didn’t know that Hazal was coming from a beauty contest until this evening. I learned by surprise tonight,” he said.

“Anger control is a must”

Taylan said on Dayi’s annoyance about her irritable stance, “If there is a reason for dissatisfaction, if it shows the anger openly, if it doesn’t hide it from people, I find it sincere. But anger control is a must,” he commented.

“My pillow is full of projects”

Taylan, when asked about new projects, said, “I have a lot of projects. My pillow is full of projects.” He jokingly stated that once he found the money, they would all be revealed.

“Comments started to come from new countries as well”

Hazal Subasi, about the foreign comments under her videos on Youtube, said, “Believe me, I have no idea how it happened. There are a lot of comments in some places, but I couldn’t figure out from where, from which job,” she said. Upon Dayi’s question, she added that he wanted to act in a foreign production.

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