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Hazal Subasi; ‘I will only have a 1 month vacation’


Recently, the beautiful actress Hazal Subasi, who played a role in the “Town Doctor” series, was seen at Zorlu Shopping Center the other day. The beautiful actress, who went shopping alone, dazzled with her simplicity and natural beauty. Stating that she will continue to work this summer, the beautiful actress: “We will only have a one-month break. I spend some of it in Istanbul and some of it on vacation. After that, we will start working again,” she said.

In addition, Subasi said that he is very excited about her new series called ‘Sıcak Kafa’, which will be broadcast on the platform in September: “It’s nice, we did a different job. It will begin streaming on Netflix in September. I hope the audience will like it a lot.” made a statement.

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