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Gulumse Kaderine Series Takes Final Decision


Gulumse Kaderine series takes final. The Gulumse Kaderine series is getting ready to make its finale. The decision was made for the series “Gulumse Kaderine”.

The release date of the Gulumse Kaderine Series has been announced

Avşar Film’s “Gulumse Kaderine” series was broadcast on FOX before the summer season. However, after the weather started to warm up, television viewing rates decreased. For this reason, FOX made the final decision for Smile Kaderine, which was watched below expectations. The series, directed by Aytaç Çiçek and written by Burcu Över, will bid farewell to the screen in the 5th episode.

In the series, Mine Tugay, Burak Sergen, Sude Zülal Güler, Bahar Şahin, Doğan Bayraktar, Yalçın Hafızoğlu, Erkan Meriç, Aslı Sümen, Ertuğrul Postoğlu, Ahu Sungur, Müge Su Şahin, Sevinç Fabric, Nazan Diper, Aslı Samat, Ülkü Hilal Çiftçi, Bade Arazlı and Duygu Arda were starring.

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  2. Kath says

    I cannot believe that this show has been cancelled. I live in Australia and really enjoy Turkish shows. There are some shows that drag out with boring storyline’s and then you get the good ones that get cancelled because it was released in the wrong season which has caused low ratings. Why can’t you just have an ending to season 1 and stream season 2 in the new season. Very Very disappointed.

  3. Juli says

    The serial is very nice, and especially the acting of Erkan Meric, who is the best actor in this serial.
    Charismatic, professional, Erkan Meric brings in this serial the new and diffucult character named Firat.
    Really is the best actor in this serial!

  4. Sinead O'Shea says

    I’m never watching another Turkish series. All the good ones (for international viewers it seems) are cancelled too soon and the stupid series continues beyond 100 episodes. What is the matter with Turkish viewers that they like the brainless, stupid series? I’m so annoyed. I couldn’t wait for the next episode only to hear that it’s been cancelled…tsk.

  5. Tina says

    This is such an interesting series with such amazing actors. Too bad it wasn’t given a fair chance. As was already noted, so many boring series with a weak storyline are given a chance, they really missed the mark canceling this one.

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