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Gulumse Kaderine 4th Episode Photos and Summary


Gulumse Kaderine 4th Episode photos and summary have been published. The screen journey of the Gulumse Kaderine series will be short. Due to the ratings it received, the series made the final decision. Gulumse Kaderine Series Takes Final Decision

Gulumse Kaderine 4th Episode Photos

Yaren is devastated by the slap she received from Ayşegül. He and Eda decide to leave the mansion.

Eda trusts the money from the diamonds and is unaware of the trap that Fırat has prepared for her.

Ayşegül is devastated when Ekin and Kudret support the girls, but she gets some help.

Eda and Yaren’s unexpected guest turns all their plans upside down.

When Neval learns that Kudret has a daughter, he begins to follow Yaren’s footsteps and approach her step by step.

Kudret, on the other hand, will learn a great truth about Yaren’s mother, Firuze.

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