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Gulumse Kaderine 3rd Episode Photos And Summary


Gulumse Kaderine 3rd Episode photos and summary have been published. Fox TV’s new series Gulumse Kaderine will be on the screen with its third episode.

Gulumse Kaderine 3rd Episode Photos

Eda hides the diamonds she took from Fırat’s bag from Yaren and the two girls start working as maids in the mansion.

Fırat, who is in a difficult situation, is looking for an opportunity to buy the diamonds from his girls.

Ayşegül, who is jealous of Yaren and Ekin, wants to catch up with the girls.

While Yaren works as a maid in Kudret’s house without knowing that she is her father, Eda begins to make new plans for the two of them with the diamonds in her hand.

Neval, who does not suspect Yaren’s identity, is shaken by a shocking information he has learned.

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