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Great Interest in Photographs of Antonio Banderas and Kerem Bursin!


Antonio Banderas and Kerem Bürsin met once again. Banderas invited Kerem Bürsin to his party in Spain this time. Banderas first shared his frame with his wife and Bürsin on his Instagram account, which has 3.1 million followers. The artist also shared a photo of him taking a ‘selfie’ with the actress two hours later.

While the frames that Banderas normally shared received an average of 500 comments, thousands of messages poured into his poses with Bürsin. More than two thousand comments were made on the two frames in less than 12 hours.

Kerem Bursin and Antonio Banderas got together again. Detailed information and frames from the reunion of the duo; Kerem Bursin Met With Antonio Banderas Once Again!

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