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Great Interest in Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan’s Concert


There were people who came to listen to Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan’s concert from three different countries! Thousands of people watched the concert, which was free of charge for the families of martyrs, veterans, the disabled and their companions. There was great interest in the famous actor and singer Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan at the concert.

The handsome actor Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan, who gave life to the character of Yaman in the ‘Emanet’ series on Kanal 7, did not leave the fans from Portugal, Brazil and Spain alone. Halil Ibrahim Ceyhan appeared on the stage again after 2 hours upon request.

  1. Tiziana Bresci says

    we Italians love him a lot too, not only spain and portugal! and surely some Italians were at the concert. if I had had the chance I would have been there too.

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