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Gökberk Demirci changed Özge Yağız’s life a lot!


Famous actress Özge Yağız was the guest of Özge Özder’s program on youtube. Özge Yağız, who said that she is a Libra sign during the conversation, stated that her lover Gökberk Demirci is also a Libra.

It is known that it will be difficult for the two Libra signs to come to an agreement, and Özge Özder brought this issue to the agenda. Özge Yağız stated that they got along well with her lover and that this was possible because they had different personalities. The actor said, “We can get along because we are different. Maybe if we were really the same we wouldn’t get along. In terms of humanity, I think we are very much the same,” she said.

Özge Yağız succeeded in gaining a love for animals thanks to Gökberk Demirci… The actress, who said that she was even afraid of butterflies before, has now become a complete animal lover.

Özge Yağız’s Life

Özge Yağız explained the reason for her distance from animals as follows: “I was afraid of butterflies. I would scream like this. Because when I was in elementary school, a dog knocked me down and we were face to face.”

Özge Yağız, who developed a reactivity towards animals after this incident, stated that there were many cats in the place where they shot during the series Yemin, and her lover encouraged her and managed to communicate with cats.

Özge Yağız, who said, “We love every animal now”, explained that she and her lover are a complete animal lover.

Özge Yağız’s New Series Details

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