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Erkan Meriç Returns to the Screens with His New Series.


Erkan Meriç, who achieved great success with the TV series Adını sen Koy , is preparing to return to the screens with Erkan Meriç’s New Series . The new series of the popular actor, who appeared in the Savaşcı series broadcast on Fox TV after the TV series Adını sen Koy (Prisoner of Love), has been announced.

Erkan Meriç’s fans will be very happy with the news of the new series. Details about the new series of Erkan Meriç;

Information About Erkan Meriç’s New Series

Avşar Film, which was on the screen with the latest Zalim Istanbul series, is preparing to go on the set soon with its new series. Aytaç Çiçek will be in the director’s chair of the new series. The lead actors of the series have also been announced recently.

Doğan Bayraktar, Sude Zülal Güler and Bahar Şahin are in the lead roles in the series. In addition, the script of the series is written by Burcu Över, the screenwriter of the TV series Kırgın Çiçekleri, Aşk ve Mavi, Big Big Lies. Lastly, Erkan Meriç was included in the cast of the series. Thus, Erkan Meriç will return to the screens with the new series. Fans will be most pleased with this. Erkan Meriç was not on the screens for a long time.

Erkan Meriç’s New Series

The casting of the series is not yet complete. Casting continues in 2 important roles in the roles of father and uncle in the series. The series is expected to be broadcast on Kanal D screens.

You can find detailed information about the series on our website.

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