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Ebru Şahin talked about her relationship with Cedi Osman!


Ebru Şahin gave an interview to Re Touch Mag magazine. Ebru Şahin talked about her relationship with Cedi Osman, who plays in Cleveland, one of the NBA teams.

“Cedi and I are both people who do what they love and are known for, but we don’t shape our lives around it. It’s hard for a bond of affection with a person to be that open to attacks. Yet we focus on the circle of love around us. I can’t say that I follow basketball a lot because of my work pace, but now I can say that I have become a night match fan because of my partner situation. I can watch any game I enjoy.”

Ebru Şahin talked about her relationship

“From day one with Cedi, nothing was planned. If they had told me that I would have such a relationship two years ago, I would have said, ‘I cannot have such a feeling with someone even in the same city’. But it showed me a side of life that I never understood; that distances can make the bond between you stronger and more real, even if it is challenging. I don’t know where time will take us. But I know that two people who believe in going with the flow and finding each other have more motivation and energy to build another order. As the heart beats with the same excitement, distance only determines geographical location. The wedding can be suddenly or at a distant date. We didn’t make a plan.”

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