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Ebru Sahin and Cedi Osman got married in Macedonia!


Ebru Sahin, one of the most talked about names both in the world and in Turkey with her beauty and acting performance, and the NBA star, Cedi Osman, our pride, got married in Macedonia.

Famous actress Ebru Sahin and her fiancee Cedi Osman got married the previous day in Ohrid, Macedonia. Attracting attention with their happiness, the couple got married in a sincere ceremony attended by their close friends and family members. While Abdullah Bulut and Okan Can Yantır, close friends of his close friends, were the witnesses of Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman, who stood out with their elegance at the wedding, Ebru Şahin preferred a wedding dress signed by Amor Garibovic, and Cedi Osman preferred a groom suit signed by Ralph Lauren.

The famous couple will have a wedding on July 7 in Çeşme, where their love began.

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