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Donations and events from fans around the world on Kerem Bursin’s birthday!


Yesterday was Kerem Bursin’s birthday today. The beloved actress turned 35. Fans of the beloved actor in many countries also organized many events and donations for the famous actor.

Fans in Mexico celebrated Kerem Bursin’s birthday by equipping the bus with a poster of the famous actor’s photos. The moments when the bus was traveling were also shared on social media. It was learned that the poster will stay on the bus for 1 month.

In addition, fans in Mexico decorated the airport in Mexico with posters of Kerem Bursin, as in the Minibus.

While Kerem Bursin’s fans in Italy donated 31,100 TL to Tohum Autism Foundation, his fans in Spain donated 38,520 TL to Darüşşafaka.

Kerem Bursin’s fans in Turkey, on the other hand, cut a water well in the name of Kerem Bürsin in Myanmar, a cake cut in the name of the famous actor in the Meleyan Village of Hakkari/Şemdinli and delivered various gifts to them. They also helped babies with Sma.

His Egyptian fans also donated 11,972 TL to 4 different institutions in Egypt on behalf of Kerem Bursin.

In Poland, a donation was given to an SMA patient.

In France, 230 Euros were donated to the WWF association on behalf of Kerem Bursin.

In Iran, his fans planted 35 trees in the name of Kerem Bursin.

In addition, they broke new ground with many events and donations that we did not know yet. Kerem Bursin’s birthday seems to have been very busy this year by the fans.

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