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Demet Ozdemir: “I’m very surprised too”


Demet Ozdemir, who crowned her two-year relationship with singer Oguzhan Koc with marriage on August 28, has been making a name for herself with her new project published on the digital platform recently. Expressing that she will rest for a while and take care of the house, the actress told for the first time how her marriage, which did not fall on the agenda of the magazine, went.

Ozdemir; “Now I’m in the resting phase, you know the marriage. The marriage is going well. I’m not working right now, I’m taking care of the house. You rarely hear this phrase from me, it’s the first time I’ve said it in 10 years. I’m also very confused, I’m still not convinced.” said.

When Demet Ozdemir was asked about the decoration works related to their new house, she said, “We didn’t think much about the decoration work. We didn’t have much time for it. I have an interior designer friend that I love very much, we delivered it to him. He finished the job on time, and that’s what’s important to us.” used the phrases.

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