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Demet Ozdemir: “I will always be here”


Famous names rolled up their sleeves to deliver aid to the region where the loss of life increased and to make the voices of the earthquake victims heard, as one heart in the earthquake that stifled Turkey’s grief.

Demet Ozdemir was one of the names who took part in the fundraising efforts since the first day of the earthquake. Ozdemir, together with his friend İbrahim Büyükak, frequently went in front of the camera and asked for support from his followers. The actor also announces the messages he receives to his followers.


Demet Ozdemir recently published a message from his social media account. The famous name shared the following statements in the stories section of his Instagram page: “Our unity and solidarity in these difficult days is too valuable to be put to a test. May Allah help those who are in difficult situations … I wish God’s mercy for our losses and patience to their relatives. “

Ozdemir said, “We must gather as soon as possible and succeed in making our aid permanent”; “We are always here, I will always be here,” she added.

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