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Cemre Baysel, “Everyone’s love for himself. Love is an abstract thing, I think, it cannot be defined.


Actress Cemre Baysel, who participated in Hakan Gence’s program published on YouTube, talked about her story of becoming famous with Gence. Explaining that he did not plan to become an actress , Baysel said, “I used to say that I would paint, I would become an interior architect. I passed the talent exams of Ege University. When I said, ‘My life is painting, I act occasionally,’ I realized that it can’t be like that.

Cemre Baysel, who also stated that her step into acting was an interesting coincidence, said, “The owner of the agency was our neighbor, she said, ‘This girl is beautiful, come on, let’s take pictures of her’. So I went so I had two well-taken photos. He distributed those photos to production companies. I just saw that there are offers, leading roles and such,” she added.

The young actress, who came to the screen with the TV series “Senden Daha Guzel”, also touched on her relationship with Aytac SaSmaz, “Everyone’s love is for themselves. I think love is an abstract thing, it cannot be defined.”

‘Tight Conversation with Hakan Gence’ is on the Hürriyet YouTube channel every Friday at 14.00 with its new episode.

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