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Can Yaman has received his new award!


Can Yaman, who completed the shooting of the TV series El Turco, started a new solidarity project with the association he founded in Italy, Can Yaman for Children, and started his tour of Italy on March 10 as part of the project “Break the Wall Tour”.

Continuing his project, Can Yaman continues to attract great attention wherever he visits. Can Yaman was invited to the Festival Nazionale del Cinema e della Televisione, which took place between 21-25 June 2023 this year.

The successful campaigns carried out by the charity “Can Yaman for Children” and the charity organization “Can Yaman for Children” were given to Can Yaman on Friday, June 23 at the event where the great directors who left their mark on the history of Italian cinema, the most admired and appreciated actors by the public and critics, and famous names from the TV and sports world will take part. awarded for their assistance. Can Yaman said, “It’s good that our work and effort is appreciated, thank you.”

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