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Can Yaman cooked with the famous chef in Fiuggi!


Having completed the shooting of the El Turco series, Can Yaman started a new solidarity project with his association Can Yaman for Children, which he founded in Italy, and started his tour of Italy on March 10 as part of the project called “Break the Wall Tour”.

Continuing his project, Can Yaman attracts great attention wherever he visits. The actor went to Fiuggi last. Yaman cooked with star chef Heinz Beck here. Here, too, the actress, who was greeted with a flood of love, talked about the importance of nutrition to the young people and said, “I learned when I was young that it is important to eat well, and that’s why I recommend it to you.” said.

The celebrity posed for photos with participating classes, teachers and officials before moving on to the nearby hotel for a cooking demonstration and lunch.

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