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Burcu Ozberk; ‘I did not close my heart to love’


Burcu Ozberk, who plays the character of Esra in the TV series “Ask Mantik Intikam”, which was screened on Friday evenings on Fox TV, was seen at a venue in Etiler the previous evening.

Famous actress; The reporters said, “Your co-star İlhan Şen called you my love in the story you posted the other day. Love news has come out, what would you like to say?” “Ilhan is a very close friend of mine, and Sarp Şardan and I have heard of separation news, but we have never been together. She also dated Serkay Tütüncü in the past months, for example, my friend Murat Kazancıoğlu, I will meet him soon, but he is also my friend. If I have a girlfriend, I’ll tell you anyway.” said.

“Have you closed your doors to love?” To the question, “My heart is not closed to love, of course, my heart beats after 30 years old, I think about the future in a relationship. I’m a romantic person, and I don’t want to lose this moment, whether it’s romantic or not.” he replied.

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