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Akin Akinozu became the brand face!


Akin Akinozu became the face of Hatemoglu brand! Hatemoğlu signed with actor Akin Akinozu as the brand face of 2022.

Hatemoğlu said in a statement; “We know that we have a very large segment of customers from father to son. While working on collections for the needs and philosophy of all customer segments, we also conduct research on the marketing of these products. Akin Akinozu will contribute greatly to the image of our brand with his education, lifestyle and philosophy of life. In addition, in the research we conducted among our customers, Hatemoğlu was determined as a name to be seen as the brand face. We believe that we will undertake successful works together in 2022”

Akin Akinozu, Hatemoglu Advertisement

Behind-the-scenes footage from this commercial shoot has been released. Akin Akinozu’s sympathetic moods draw attention.

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